Research Interests


Areas of interest: My main research interests lie in the area of enumerative and algebraic combinatorics, specifically in tableaux theory, symmetric function theory and the study of permutation statistics. 

Academic Research

  • The q-Kostka polynomials and the development of a combinatorial description for the q,t-Kostka polynomials.
  • The q-Schroder polynomials and the development of a combinatorial interpretation for a q,t-Schroder polynomial.
  • Permutation statistics and their relation to the q-Catalan and q-Schroder polynomials.
  • Fibonacci tableaux and the development of an evacuation procedure, a geometric construction, and a Hook Formula for these tableaux.
  • A combinatorial interpretation for Fibonacci Schur functions and a definition of a Littlewood-Richardson Rule for Fibonacci tableaux.

  • The effect of conceptual teaching on the skill development of students in Calculus 1 classes.
  • The effect of students' perceptions of their parents' attitudes towards math on students achievement in Algebra 1 classes.



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